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How do I order your coffee?

You can buy our coffee by subscribing to a 1, 2, 3 or 4 week delivery. This way, you can save up 20% and always receive the best beans available. If you’re not ready to subscribe yet, you choose a single bag from our a la carte menu. 

I love the wooden box. Can I order one more as a gift?

We love that you love it! For now, the boxes are very limited, and we are currently awaiting our local carpenter in Danli, Honduras to deliver them to us. But if we manage to ramp up their availability, we’ll let you know asap.

How does the subscription work? 

1) The Order Process - we ship all our coffee usually on each Monday, 48 hours after roasting in our roastery in San Pedro Sula. Shipping with UPS takes 3-5 days anywhere in the US and up to 7 business days worldwide. 

2) The coffee - when you sign up for a subscription, you will always be top-priority: with every parcel, you will get the highest-graded coffee (highest cupping score) currently available. 

3) Frequency - you can pick between a 1, 2, 3 or 4 week subscription and choose the number of bags you would like to receive.  

Where is your coffee from?

We pick up all coffee directly from farms of our producers and transport them to our roastery in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. All our coffee is grown in strictly organic high-elevation micro-lots without any use of pesticides.

Where is your coffee processed?

We process our coffee on our premises in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

How is your coffee transported to the US?

Normally, coffee takes weeks from harvest to reaching you via sea routes. Along the way, its quality deteriorates. We do things differently. We ship 100% of our coffee via UPS air to ensure perfect humidity and temperature conditions. This way, your coffee reaches you in a few days after it has been processed.

Is your product tested for mycotoxins?

Yes, we test all our coffee for mycotoxins

Why is Geisha so expensive?

Geisha Coffee is amazing. But she’s difficult to grow and gives much less yield than other cultivars. To learn all about this Queen of Coffee, and why it deserves the extra buck, head over here.