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Our Farmers

You embark on a more conscious coffee journey. You leave aside the big businesses, the bustling farms, and get off the beaten track, towards the mountains. The road keeps on climbing for hours on end, as if to the top of the world.

At 5,000ft, more or less five hours from anywhere, you’ve reached your destination. Welcome to Lempira, the home of our coffee.

Map of Honduras
Average farm altitude
5,000 ft
Fairly traded & Organic
Average micro-lot quantity
600 bags

Our people are small-scale farmers owning two hectares or less. Much of this land on hilly terrains, with no road connection sometimes. For them, direct trading isn’t a luxury but a means of survival. It’s the only way to fend off price swings.

That’s why we pay our farmers more than what’s prescribed as “fair trade” and reinvest our profits back into our farms, freeing our farmers to do what they do best: diligent and meticulous, quality organic growing.

For our farmers, direct trading isn’t a luxury. It’s a means of survival. It’s the only way to fend off price swings

The air gets pretty thin at 5,000 feet. This allows for coffee cherries to develop slowly. The lengthy maturation in return makes Lempira’s coffees less acidic and milder than their Central American cousins. The sweet undertones endemic to our cultivars don’t cover the delicate notes. Instead, they are a background tune to livelier nuances of jasmine, peach, and tropical fruit.