Refund policy – Spirit Animal Coffee

Refund policy

Our Coffee – and why we stand behind it all the way

(we run our return policy up the flagpole – and everyone salutes it)

At Spirit Animal, coffee is our natural element.

Experience our impeccable service, outstanding beans and get a peace of mind.

Our Impeccable Service means the highest quality and delicious coffee. We want you to be happy with your Spirit Animal experience.

Our Outstanding Whole Beans – Coffee is perishable and our whole beans are roasted to order - thus we cannot accept returns on coffee. But if at any time, for any reason, you decide that you are unhappy with your choice, contact us at and our expert Customer Support team will help you discover other favorites to enjoy. If there has been an error with your purchase please contact Customer Support within 30 days.

Other merchandise – Don’t worry and don’t wait – reach out to our Customer Support team by emailing about a return or exchange of the product within 30 days of purchase. It’s that easy.